Drink Driving Penalty Calculator

The majority of motorists are already aware that drink driving attracts a year long disqualification yet when asked about the other penalties they may face people often come up stuck. It is not uncommon for Police officers to misinform motorists about the penalty they may receive and being advised of the actual penalty can come as quite a surprise.

Depending upon the circumstances, these offences can attract disqualifications of anywhere between 12 months and FIVE years and, in the more serious offences you may be at risk of a prison sentence! You may also be ordered to pay an unlimited fine.

Our drink drive calculator below should give you an idea of the penalty you are facing and also provide basic advice in respect of whether or not you need a drink driving solicitor. We would urge you to contact us if you have been charged with such an offence as there are other options available than pleading guilty. The drink drive calculator also cannot accommodate every type of scenario so whilst it can provide a good idea of penalty, it should not be relied upon as any guarantee.

1. Breath reading















2. Have you been convicted of drink drive within 11 years?

3. Have you been convicted of drink drive within 3 years?

4. Were you driving an LGV, HGV, PSC etc. Towing caravan/trailer?

5. Poor road or weather conditions?

6. Were you carrying any passengers?

7. Were you driving for hire or reward (taxi/bus/coach)

8. Evidence of unacceptable driving or involved in an accident?

9. High level of traffic or pedestraians?

10. Was your vehicle insured at the time?