Yet again it’s Christmas party season with this being time for the office Christmas party. There are also relatives and friends to visit and extra time off work to be enjoyed. A time to eat, drink and be merry! But it is also a time for police forces to significantly plough resources into campaigns against drink driving and have extra traffic officers waiting to stop motorists they suspect may have had one drink to many.

And this year it’s not just police forces campaigning against drink driving, the taxi firm Uber have also teamed up with Budweiser to launch their biggest ever UK responsible drinking campaign for Christmas featuring Helen Mirren.

Olliers Motor Law Solicitors want to help you and your family stay safe this Christmas so here are our top tips to keep you safe:

Avoid Needing a Drink Driving Solicitor with our Top Tips This Christmas

1. Have a plan how to get home

  • Do you have a designated driver who can make sure you get home safely?
  • Are you staying within walking distance to where you live?
  • Is it safe to walk home?
  • Is public transport available?
  • Do you have money for a taxi?
  • Is your car left in a secure location?
  • How are all your friends getting home?
  • Could you stay at a friend’s house so you can get home safely together?

If you plan ahead you are much less likely to find yourself stuck and be tempted to get into your vehicle after consuming alcohol.

2. Don’t Assume You’re Under the Drink Driving Limit

We often hear those charged with drink driving say they have had one or two pints or maybe a glass of wine and assumed that they are OK to drive their vehicle. Everyone is different as to how their body tolerates alcohol and factors such as age, height, weight and sex can all affect your rate of metabolising alcohol. Some people may be more easily affected by alcohol than others and your tolerance does not reflect your actual alcohol level.

Even if you feel capable of driving this does not necessarily mean that you are under the legal limit for driving. A police officer will not care if you feel ok to drive if the breathalyser shows you are in fact over the limit and neither will anyone else who ends up involved in an accident as a result of your drink driving.

The only safe amount of alcohol to drink before driving is none!

3. Make sure you eat before drinking alcohol

Drinking on an empty stomach is a guaranteed way to end up drunk. Make sure you eat well before starting to drink. Food in your stomach will slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body. A full stomach often makes people drink less overall as well so it is always beneficial to eat before consuming alcohol.

4. Pace your drinking

In addition to eating, make sure you keep hydrated. Alternating your drinks between alcoholic and soft drinks will not only mean you drink less overall and end up less intoxicated, but it may also mean you feel far less hung-over the  following day. And nobody wants to be hung-over!

5. Don’t assume you’re safe to drive the morning after drinking

Again, as above, everybody deals with alcohol differently and processes alcohol at different timescales and so it is impossible to say  when you will be safe to drive the next day. We would suggest you enjoy the opportunity for a lazy day after your office party and enjoy a day of films and snacks with your feet up on the sofa!

Christmas is a fantastic time and we at Olliers Motor Law want you to enjoy yourselves and the festivities. We wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Ruth Peters – Specialist Motoring Solicitor

Written by Ruth Peters a specialist motoring solicitor. For further advise contact our specialist motoring lawyers on 0808 168 0017. You can also email Ruth or [email protected] or click here to contact us. We are open throughout the festive period and will be happy to talk to you.

Watch Ruth discussing drink driving offences with  the Law Society in this short video.

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