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Drink Driving Lawyers | Motoring Law Solicitors

Olliers Motor Law are specialist Drink Driving Lawyers covering all aspects of the motoring law. However, we pride ourselves on our success rate for alcohol related motor offences which currently stands at 92.9% (2015).

So what is the difference between a Lawyer and a solicitor?

Lawyer | Drink Driving Lawyer

A “lawyer” is a very broad term that encompasses all of the titles mentioned above. Its simplified definition is someone who is legally able to charge for their time in providing legal advice/expertise and they must be regulated by an authority. For example, solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority where as a Legal Executive will be looked after by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

The most common types of lawyer you will come across are Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Executives and what a student ultimately becomes largely depends on their route to qualification.

Solicitors | Drink Driving Solicitors
A solicitor will typically study Law (LLB) at University or obtain a degree in another area and then pass a “conversion course” which is a General Diploma in Law.

An LLB provides education in the “core law modules” (Legal Research, Foundations of the Legal System, Criminal Law, Public Law, Obligations A Part I: Contract and Tort Law, Land Law, Law of the European Union and Obligations B -Part II Contract and Tort Law) but also offers the chance to study optional modules such as Media Law and Sports Law. The primary objective of the degree is to focus on the core modules.

Some people study Law with another subject such as Criminal Justice or Business. This does not prevent them from becoming a solicitor however they must complete additional courses if they did not study all core law modules are part of their degree.

Once a student has completed their LLB, they must then go on to complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC) which is typically a further year of full-time study . This aims to bridge the gap between academic study and working in a law firm.


Choosing a Motoring Lawyer you can Trust?

General criminal practitioners do not study road traffic law as a matter of course  and many choose not to study it as it is often perceived to be a pretty  boring subject area (although my inner-geek finds it all quite interesting!). Countless Criminal lawyers are so busy with cases involving rapes, murder, burglary, assault etc that they simply do not have capacity to delve into road traffic law even if they wanted to.

Going niche and opting for a specialist Motoring Solicitor has many benefits. At Olliers Motor Law we understand that the legal sector is a saturated and people will understandably shop-around to find the best lawyer for them. Our specialist Motoring Lawyers are able to confidently alleviate concerns from people who may be feeling a little lost and confused having received different advice from every firm they have spoken to. Motorists that seek out a lawyer to help them usually do so because they have either committed a very serious offence, are dependent upon their licence or are generally terrified of the whole ordeal and want some guidance. The fact our Lawyers only deal with motoring offences enables them to confidently re-assure and handle your case.

Please check out our range of legal services and do not hesitate to contact us.

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