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Drink driving is one of the most daunting offences a motorist can be charged with as for many, the consequences can be catastrophic due to the driving ban they face. Our lawyers understand the impact that this type of conviction can have upon a person’s life and realise how distressing a time this can be for you.
It is important that you realise from the outset that whilst you may have provided a sample that was above the limit, this does not always mean that you can be convicted of drink driving!

How Do We Win Drink Driving Breath Cases? 

Road Traffic Law is a very niche area of criminal law and there are literally only a handful of firms with genuine expertise in this area. As specialists, there are a number of strategies and techniques that have been developed and fine tuned over the years that result in successful acquittals but what makes us different from the rest?

When we take on a case, there are a number of aspects that we will scrutinise which include:


We consider the procedure conducted by the officers involved in your case. It is vital that some aspects of the procedure are conducted correctly and we often find breaches that result in an acquittal.


We consider the equipment used to breathalyse you. There are 3 different machines used to breathalyse suspects in the UK and we work alongside the leading experts who specialise in each device. Together we have found ways to challenge the reliability of the device used and often find that the equipment is poorly maintained.


We examine whether evidence has been disclosed to us in line with the prosecution’s statutory duty of disclosure. This another area that results in acquittals. It is vital that you receive a fair trial and there are many cases where this is simply not possible due to certain evidence not being disclosed to us. At trial, we have successfully argued that the prosecution have failed to deal with disclosure properly resulting in the case being discontinued.

What To Do If Charged With Drink Driving?

It is important you seek advice at the earliest opportunity. Not only could this make a huge different to the end result in your case but, you will hopefully find that it puts some of your concerns at ease and makes you feel better about the position you have found yourself in.

We provide free initial telephone advice and would be happy to help so please contact us to discuss.

You must be confident in your representation and if our statistics are not enough to convince you of our expertise, we invite you to review our client testimonials and case studies.

Worried about a possible Drink Driving Conviction? Contact Specialist Drink Driving Lawyer Ruth Peters for an informal chat:

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Olliers’ Motor Law realise how daunting an experience it can be to face any type of prosecution particularly where the consequences can have life-changing effects such as drink driving. We speak to hundreds of people who are not aware of their options and do not know whether they even need representation to help with their cases. As such, we wanted to provide some guidance in respect of this to help you decide whether you need representation.

When Do You Need a Drink Driving Solicitor?

This question largely depends on the nature of the allegation as the penalty can vary massively from one offence to the other.

Drink Driving or Failing to Provide a Specimen

These offences are some of the more serious (and most common) offences that we deal with and penalties for can be severe.

The starting point for sentencing is a 12 month disqualification however many people mistakenly assume that this is a standard penalty regardless of the circumstances. The length of disqualification depends upon your alcohol level and the court are supplied with sentencing guidelines that they adhere to when sentencing offenders which plead guilty to this charge or are found guilty following trial.

For example, the table below is taken from the guidelines for an offence of drink driving:

Level of Alcohol Starting Point Disqualification Disq if 2nd offence in 10 years
Breath (µg) Blood (mg) Urine (mg)
36-59 81 – 137 108 – 183 Band C fine 12 – 16 months 36 – 40 months
60-89 138 – 206 184 – 274 Band C fine 17 – 22 months 36 – 46 months
90-119 207 – 275 275 – 366 Community order 23 – 28 months 36 – 52 months
120-150 and above 276 – 345 and above 367 – 459 and above 12 weeks custody 29 – 36 months 36 – 60 months

As you can see the disqualification can be as long as 36 months for a first time offenders and up to 60 months for a repeat offender and similar guidelines exist for drug driving and failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

In addition to the penalties above, these offences carry an unlimited fine.

We would urge anybody charged with one of these offences to contact us to discuss the options available with a drink driving lawyer. There is a wide range of considerations with this type of offence and early advice can make a huge difference in the outcome.

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