The latest locations for North Yorkshire Police’s road safety cameras were recently announced in an effort to deter motorists from speeding and to help try to control the overall speed of all traffic on the road. An increased amount of camera vans have been deployed for you to watch out for in North Yorkshire.

Speeding Camera Locations

A64 Westbound Malton by-pass

A64 Seamer By Pass

A64 Eastbound Tadcaster by-pass

A19 Crathorne

A64 Westbound Tadcaster by-pass

Tadcaster Road Dringhouses York

Strensall Road Huntington York

A19 Easingwold bypass Primrose Farm

A19 Hollicars Riccall

A19 Green Lane Farm Riccall

A19 Southbound Kilvington nr Thirsk

A19 Northbound Kilvington nr Thirsk

B1222 Nr Bell Lane Sherburn

A61 Nr Busby Stoop roundabout

Leeming Lane Catterick

A165 Reighton By Pass Filey

A6108 Darlington Road Richmond

A684 Field Gate Farm Bainbridge

A66 Westbound Gilling West

B6479 Selside

B6479 Horton

A65 Clapham by-pass

A65 Settle by-pass

A64 Westbound Whitwell Hill

A64 Eastbound Barton Hill crossroads

A170 Scawton Moor

A63 Milford Hotel Newthorpe

B1217 Saxton by-pass

A61 Station Road Thirsk

A59 Beamsley Hill

A61 Carlton Miniott at Eastwood Court

Skipwith Road Escrick

Church Lane Wheldrake

Millfield Lane Poppleton York

Stillingfleet Mine Escrick Road

B6268 Masham Road Bedale

A63 Cliffe

A19 Burn

A170 Cotes Lane Waterloo Plantation

A170 Beadlam

A65 Newby nr Settle

A65 Sour Lane Thorlby

A65 Whinney Mire Lane

A19 Easingwold bypass Thornhill Farm

A61 between Baldersby and the A1

A61 at Hutton Conyers

A59 Skipton Road Harrogate

A59 Menwith Hill Harrogate

A59 Skipton Road Fewston

A59 Priors Bridge Draughton

A162 Sherburn by-pass

A64 Eastbound Islington Tadcaster

A64 Westbound Wharfe Bridge Tadcaster

B1427 Queen Margarets Road Scarborough

A171 Jugger Howe

A171 Scaling Dam

A64 Eastbound Malton by-pass

A64 Eastbound Heslington York

A64 Westbound Heslington York

A65 Clapham ByPass (sewage works)

A65 Settle ByPass (north)

A59 Blubberhouses at Kex Gill Farm

Scotton Road Catterick Garrison

A66 Gatherley Moor

A66 West Layton

B6265 Kirby Hill Boroughbridge

A64 East Knapton, near Malton

A6108 between East Witton and Cover Bridge

A6108 Middleham

A684 between Worton and Bainbridge

A684 between Bainbridge and Hawes

A684 Morton On Swale (outside school)

A684 Morton On Swale (outside Church)

A64 Rillington

B1222 Naburn

B1222 Moreby

B1222 Near Sherburn in Elmet

B1222 South Milford

B6265 Skipton

B6265 Great Ouseburn

B6265 Fellbeck

B6265 Marton-le-Moor

A170 Helmsley

B1257 Amotherby

B1257 Broughton, Malton

B1257 Bilsdale

B1257 Reivaulx

A174 Newton near Staithes

B6479 Stainforth

B6479 Stainforth (North)

B1257 Broughton Bridge, Stokesley

A6108 Side Bank Wood, Downholme

A6108 Sleningford

A6108 Mightens Bank

A64 Westbound at Sutton with Hazlewood

A64 Eastbound Bramham Moor

A64 Westbound Murton

A64 Westbound Fulford

A64 Claxton

A64 Sherburn High Street

A61 Dunkeswick

A61 Melmerby

A59 Hazelwood

A59 Skipton Road nr Killinghall Roundabout, Harrogate

A168 Northbound, Thorpefield

A168 Southbound, Thorpefield

A168 Dishforth Airfield

A168 Boroughbridge

A168 Deighton Bank

A168 Kirk Deighton

A168 Asenby

A171 Scalby Road Scarborough

A170 Sutton Road east of Thirsk

A170 at Wrelton

A170 West of Snainton

A1041 Camblesforth

A64 Jack Daw Crag Overbridge

A162 Barkston Ash

A63 Selby By Pass

A169 Lockton High Moor

B1222 Cawood Junct of Kelfield

A19 Barlby Road Selby

B1217 Saxton

A658 Follifoot

A658 Buttersyke Bar

A658 Rudding Park

A6108 High Common Ripon

A19 Skelton

B6165 Ripley Road, Knaresborough

A6055 Minskip

B6165 Scotton

A64 Jack Daw Crag Overbridge-West bound

B6165 Summerbridge Village

A6055 Ferrensby

A658 Near Haggs Road

A59 Allerton Park

A59 West of Moor Monkton

A19 Northbound at Borrowby

A19 Southbound at Knayton

B6265 Greenhow Hill Quarry

B6265 Greenhow Prim Gap Farm

A61 Ripon By Pass

A61 Harrogate Road, Bishop Monkton

A658 North Rigton

A6055 Minskip (Outiside Willow Cottage)

A658 Huby, (Almscliffe Hall)

B6165 Howe Hill (Knaresborough)

A59 Knaresborough

B6165 Scotton Village

B6165 Nidd

Speeding Offences and Penalties

Offences involving excess speed are one of the most common in the UK  with hundreds of thousands of motorists committing the offence every year and the reasons for a motorist speeding can vary. The BBC recently reported that police had stopped 2000 motorists from doing 100mph or more!!

Whether you’re late for a meeting, testing out your new motor, are an inexperienced driver or just have no idea what the speed limit is on the road (slightly concerning if it’s the case of the latter), the penalties for speeding can often be severe, particularly if you are dependent on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, a police officer will probably not care much about the reasons why you were speeding (with a camera being even less forgiving) and if you are whizzing around at excess speed then it is only a matter of time before you pick up a ticket.

You can read a great deal more about speeding penalties and any possible defences here

Need Help From a Specialist Road Traffic Lawyer?

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