New Law for Drug Driving UK

A 30 year old motorist has become the first person in the Cheshire area to be convicted under the new Drug Driving Legislation following it coming into force earlier this year.

Formerly, motorists could be charged with driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs but difficulties in proving the case led to a definite shift to Drug Driving legislation being implemented which set limits for a variety of legal drugs whilst enforcing a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs.

At Olliers Motor Law we represent motorists in relation to such allegations but at present have had no one convicted. We are currently defending a number of cases through the Magistrates’ Courts.

Despite a proactive approach and clamp down on drug driving, the legislation has not been utilised as much as initially thought with constabularies (such as Greater Manchester) feeling uncomfortable with the new approach due to lack of sufficient training.

This conviction involves a motorist who pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence of a controlled substance after cannabis was found in his system following blood sample analysis.

Penalties for this offence mirror those of drink driving so include a mandatory 12 month disqualification from driving in addition to a fine of up to £5000.

If you are charged with drug driving we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible for advice as there are several ways in which we could help you.

New Law On Drug Driving UK

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