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Why Use Our Speeding Calculator? (scroll down for the calculator)

Many people mistakenly assume that speeding offences carry a fixed penalty of 3 points and a £60 fine however this is simply not the case (particularly as the fixed penalty is now 3 points and a fine of £100). The first thing the authorities will look at is how far over the speed limit you were and penalties can range between 3 – 6 points or a disqualification between 7 and 56 days! Motorists often fail to realise that some circumstances (such as carrying passengers at the time) can aggravate the offence and increase the penalty!

Take a look at our speeding calculator below to give you an idea of the type of penalty you will be facing. Please note, that if you are facing a disqualification you will more than likely be required to attend court in person and be liable for court costs in addition to a fine. If you have been charged then we urge you to contact us immediately as there are often tactics we can use to help reduce the penalties you face and our specialist speeding solicitors will be more than happy to help.

In addition to the penalties provided by the calculator, the government introduced the Criminal Courts Charge in 2015 which adds an additional financial penalty. If a defendant pleads guilty the court charge is £150.00 but if you are convicted after trial the charge is £500.00 for summary only offences.

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