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Below are just a handful of testimonials from some of our clients. Success to us goes beyond simply winning the case, ensuring that you have peace of mind throughout the whole process from the minute you speak to us on the phone is something believe is a vital ingredient to our success.

Dear Olliers

I just want to say a huge thank you to you and the barristers you instructed on my case. Since last December I have been living a nightmare with the prospect of being banned from driving and receiving a criminal conviction. Motoring law is definitely a niche area of law and your firm are definitely experts in this area of law. I'm glad i spent that much more and had experts deal with my case as opposed to general criminal lawyers. I instructed your firm having reviewed previous testimonials and whilst I thought there was no way out of this situation i was guided by your optimism. And as you advised, my case was thrown out. For any professional that gets themselves involved in this unfortunate set of circumstances. I strongly recommend contacting Olliers solicitors. You will receive honest advice and support throughout your case. Furthermore you will be represented by truly first class barristers. If they say they are confident that you will get a successful outcome he means it and you do. It is good money spent given that I will make a lot of savings in the long run by keeping my licence and ultimately my job.

Thanks again to you and the truly first class barristers that represented me.

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Truly first class
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I feel very fortunate to have contacted Olliers for legal advice for the alleged offences of Drunk in Charge in the past two years. On both occasions the cases were eventually dismissed by the court.
My lawyer was absolutely brilliant. He was thoroughly professional, very knowledgeable and caring in his approach and manner and I was very pleased to have him as my lawyer. He was always approachable, always keeping me informed and always offering me excellent advice.
I thoroughly recommend Olliers for any legal advice for drink driving

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Thoroughly professional, very knowledgeable & caring in his approach

From the very beginning, I was given honesty, clarity and professionalism. I was not over or under sold, and felt I knew what was happening and could plan and prepare accordingly. All members assigned to my case were superb and at no moment did I feel that I was getting anything less than the best of service. My case was won, quickly and with the minimum of cost. Perfect. Thank you!

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honesty, clarity and professionalism

Everything these people tell you is true. I really had my doubts at some points but despite there being large amounts of evidence against me the professionals at Olliers came through and the trial was thrown out. A thoroughly worthwhile service.

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Words cannot express my gratitude to Olliers Solicitors for taking on my case and getting a successful appeal at the crown court. I was at a complete loss at the time when this happened to me and didn’t know which way to turn as my whole life and career depends on me driving. From the beginning I was re-assured by the team that they would not peruse my case if they feel we don’t have a strong case. It was a very drawn out process in my case (almost 2 years) which was due to circumstances beyond Ollier’s control. There were times that I almost threw in the towel especially after the guilty verdict in the Magistrates court, but Olliers re-assured me that we have a very strong case to appeal this at the Crown court. Im so glad that I took this advice and decided to go all the way.

If you reading this and finding yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend that you contact Olliers and put your trust in their hands. I would also like to thank the barrister who represented me in court- without you this would not have been possible. The barrister is definitely one of the best in the business and I was in awe listening to him in court.
Thanks so much Olliers for giving me my life back.

Anonymous - Drink driving (breath case)

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highly recommend that you contact Olliers
Drink drive breath case

I cannot thank Ruth Peters enough for the unbelievable service and support she has provided me throughout my drink driving offence case. The loss of my licence would have changed my life completely - not in a positive way - I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the not guilty outcome. Barristers and the compiling of my defence was specific and targeted towards the success of my "not guilty" outcome by Ruth.

My case went to trial, which was a very scary experience. Without Ruth's preparation of my case, knowledge of the law, plus her tenacity, I have no doubt that my trial would have had a completely different outcome.

I just want to again thank Ruth and Olliers for everything, they have been amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in the same situation.

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Anonymous, Manchester

I recently had an accident in my 4x4, crashing into a dry stone wall, after been out from work. I was breathalysed at the scene and found to be over the legal alcohol limit. I was arrested and thought that was it, massive ban and fine to come.
I didn't request a solicitor at the police station as I thought I'm guilty and had no chance. I admitted my guilt during my statement.
Once reality set in I thought I have to do something to try and save my licence and livelihood, if possible, so I contacted Olliers Solicitors and they were very helpful and seemed to know their stuff, but I was quite apprehensive at first as I thought it must be too good to be true. However several discussions with Ruth Peters put my mind at ease. Even though I thought after initial discussion it was quite expensive I found it to be money well spent.
I was found NOT GUILTY. An overall excellent service I would highly recommend Olliers to anyone.
A massive thanks to Ruth Peters and everyone involved

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Eight months ago I was stopped and breathalyzed for an alleged Drink Driving incident which showed positive. Although being offered at the time to have the opportunity of having legal representation at the police Station I declined because I did not have any.
I decided to trawl the internet to seek legal advice. My initial search brought up numerous Companies that will say they claim to specialize in motoring law. I decided to opt for Olliers Solicitors based in Manchester. ( I live in the South)
Throughout the last 8 months Neil Sargent (Head of Motor Law Dept) and his team have been tremendously supportive and truly expert in their field of experience. A firm of Solicitors that actually make you feel that you are their only client and gave me 100% individual attention.

I was kept fully appraised throughout the whole time- they responded immediately- when I had queries and even doubts. They offered me totally unbiased advice and never did I feel pressured into making a decision . They always outlined "Best & Worst case scenario".They went out of their way to get Top expert reports- Legal Representation was excellent throughout all Court proceedings . More importantly I was able to financially pay monthly prior to final Court hearing- which meant I did not have the worry of being presented with a big surprise bill.
Today I am pleased to say - that thanks to Olliers Solicitors I was found NOT GUILTY.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Olliers to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.

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I would like to offer this testimonial in respect of Olliers Motor Law and Ruth Peters, one of their specialist motor law solicitors.

I contacted Ruth as a result of a recommendation following me being charged with various driving offences resulting from an unfortunate incident. I was extremely concerned at the potential consequences as I run my own business and drive all over the country on a daily basis and simply would not be able to continue doing so without the benefit of my driving licence.

Straight away I was put at ease by Ruth's manner and I felt a massive sense of relief that I now had some support. Ruth dealt with the court hearing and she was just simply amazing in court and far surpassed the prosecuting solicitor. As Ruth anticipated I was not disqualified and I am so grateful for everything.

I would 100 % recommend Olliers Motor Law and specifically Ruth Peters to anyone who has been charged with driving offences and would like to say a massive 'thank you' to Ruth.

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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Olliers Motor Law and especially Ruth Peters for her hard work. The whole experience of being arrested and going to court was extremely traumatic and something I am just not at all used to. But Ruth explained everything to me at all times and I felt so reassured with her. The barrister that Ruth instructed was just amazing and I was so impressed with the knowledge both of him and of Ruth. A massive thank you to all involved. I would not hesitate to instruct Olliers if I ever needed to in the future.

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I would wholeheartedly recommend using the services of Olliers Solicitors. Olliers were just brilliant. I dealt with Ruth Peters who had the patience of a Saint as I asked hundreds of questions. Furthermore she had an extremely reassuring manner and was able to explain things without using complicated 'legal jargon'. In addition her knowledge of the technicalities of the law was outstanding. The Barristers they instructed on my behalf were out of this world and worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a tricky situation.

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Thank you for your excellent support over the last few months. You have been exceptionally professional and supportive and the barrister completed the job admirably this morning; a formidable team.

The result is that you have all helped me keep the consequences of this whole daft event manageable.

I will certainly recommend your services to anyone else who decides to call the police to witness them driving under the influence but respectfully hope I never have to call you again!

Yours most sincerely,


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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the work you have done on my brothers speeding offence.

We are so pleased with the result and we will be recommending you to everyone in a similar situation like us. Many many thanks to you for everything and for all your support.

Thank you again

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I would like to personally thank you for your time, patience and conviction in my case.

You have been brilliant and I am so pleased that the extra mile paid off! I would have no hesitation in personally endorsing you and the time and faith you have put into my case.

I hope if you’re ever in London I can shout you a beer!

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Dear Olliers,

Many thanks for you and your Company's help. George and I cannot express how grateful we are for the brilliant case you prepared. I know without their expertise, George would have had very little chance of being found not guilty.

George is now able to look to the future so please accept our eternal thanks.

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Thank you again Olliers for all you have done, I am sure we could not achieved what we did without you, your attention to detail and your friendly attitude is a credit to you. Roberts life has been on hold for 21 months, he can now get on with his life thanks to you.

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I can highly recommend Neil Sargeant to anyone who feels they need expert representation for Drink/Driving Offences. My son was accused of Drink Driving in extremely complicated circumstances that involved blood samples and procedures at the A&E department, from the moment I appointed them my son and I were supported in a most professional, friendly and non-judgemental way. Neil kept us informed every step of the way by telephone, letter and E mail, any contact I made with them, if not answered immediately, was dealt with within minutes, sometimes out of hours too, and Neil achieved what at first seemed impossible. Our defence was meticulously compiled but unfortunately the case ended with a guilty verdict due to the magistrate not understanding the complexities of the case. An appeal was mounted and Neil then organised the return of my sons licence two weeks later by going to court for it, some 7 months later my son was acquitted with the Judge commenting that the case should have been won at the first hearing, the judge awarded us all our costs. We could not have achieved this

Neil, your name and phone number will always be kept as I know what you are able to do, hopefully we will not need to test you again. You deserve to achieve in the future all that you aspire to.

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Many thanks Neil,

It is still hard to appreciate that is all over!! I am so glad you and the team in your firm helped me. From the support you gave me nearly two years ago to the latest phone messages and e.mails. Outstanding !! I would rate you all very highly and will, with pleasure , complete your survey.

Best wishes,


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A big, big thank you to Neil and his team. My case dragged on for 11 months in total and during that period Neil reassured me several times that he would not leave any stone unturned and how true that was. A very thorough and professional service all around.

The barrister on the day was superb and he knew all about the procedures and technicalities. I cannot recommend Neil and his team enough - the case eventually got thrown out of court when they basically said the officer in my case was incompetent!

With fees, the team were very flexible and they worked with me to make a monthly plan and they're currently working on trying to get some of my money back for me from the court.

Thank you

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I cannot thank Neil enough for the hard work he put in to achieve such a fantastic result in my case. I spoke to a few firms at the beginning but none of them gave me the sense of confidence and security that Neil did.

I was charged with drink driving after I had a crash on the M1 and was taken to hospital. A blood sample was taken that showed I had a blood reading of over 200! I knew this must be wrong as I had only had 2 drinks but the result had left me terrified as I had never been in trouble with the police before

From the very first phone call, Neil and his colleague Ruth were calm, reassuring and professional but at the same time they managed my expectations well and gave me a frank assessment of my case. Neil said that even though there was no guarantee, he was confident he could win the case and he was right. He clearly knew what he was talking about and I felt comfortable moving forward with him. I can only describe the whole team as BRILLIANT!

I was found not guilty and the court said I could reclaim my costs so I could not be happier! A huge thank you once again!

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I cannot recommend Olliers enough and if anyone is faced with a drink driving charge he is by far your best bet at success.

Ruth and her team have extensive experience in this field as well as a reassuring and understanding manner. I felt so much better after speaking to her when I was charged that it was a bit of a no brainer to go with her advice.

Ruth removed almost all of the stress I was under due to the professional consequences of the case but after we won I also found out the Crown have to reimburse some of my expenses which is fantastic.

Ruth is amazing at her job and knows all the best people and when to use them! Thanks again, Ruth.

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When I first spoke to Neil about my case I was initially sceptical about what could be achieved but thank god I did. The case he put together was outstanding and it made me realise that even if you think you cannot defend a drink driving charge there are in fact many potential defences that only a specialist like Neil would understand.

Neil put together an amazing defence and a brilliant team of forensic specialists to guide me to victory and I was awarded costs by the court so hopefully some of my legal fees will be coming back to me!

Neil, Ruth and the barrister at trial were all incredible and their understanding of drink driving law really is impressive. The barrister in court was phenomenal to watch and really was a master at his art. It was an insight to not only his skill but also the alarming lack of understanding from the police and the CPS of drink driving law.

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On behalf of my myself and my son I would like to thank the team at Olliers for all the work you did on my son's case as I genuinely believe we would not have won without you.

Its such a huge relief to have this problem lifted from our shoulders and I can assure you this has been a lesson learned.

Thank you all again

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It's still hard to appreciate that its finally all over but many, many thanks Neil. I am so glad that you and your team were there to help me.

It really was an outstanding service from the initial telephone call right through to the end.

I would rate you very highly and will recommend you with pleasure!

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Neil I just wanted to email and express my gratitude once again for the stellar job you have done for me over the past 18 months. I admit there were times I wanted to just give up but you really did help me stay on the right track and you were always a voice of calm whenever I started to have a bit of a meltdown (sorry!). I can honestly say that if it wasn't for you my life would be in a bit of a mess right now. But I can put the whole thing behind me and just get back to work. Please put this on your website if you want to. For anyone reading this I just want to say that if you are charged with drink driving and are told there's nothing you can do about it, please speak to Olliers Motor Law because I can say with confidence that I could not have received better advice.

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Olliers Motor Law were recommended by a friend who is a solicitor. Immediately, the support and information I received was fantastic despite not even committing to use the firm. This impressed me so much that I naturally wanted to work with Olliers to have them help us through the situation we found ourselves in. The empathy and compassion which were vital to us and really helped to guide us through the process. I was hugely impressed with their professionalism and their attention to detail.

I would fully recommend Olliers Motor Law without any reservations at all

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"It was a pleasure dealing with Neil at Olliers. Throughout my interactions with Neil, he displayed extreme competency in motoring law and knew the intricacies related to drink driving offences.

I still remember how, six months ago, I thought everything was ruined, thought my career would end, my chances to secure a British citizenship just decimated..."

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(Driving whilst Unfit)

"Many thanks Neil and it is me who should be congratulating you for doing a first class piece of legal work.

Unfortunately over the years I have been involved in a great deal of civil litigation and court proceedings. Mainly Lloyds of London as a defrauded underwriting name but also dodgy builders.

I can honestly say that the work you did was probably among the very best I have ever received. If only all lawyers were as meticulous and as on the ball as you have been. Good luck for the future. I am sure a lawyer of your calibre will go far Neil"

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(Drink Driving)

"I cannot thank Olliers enough for their highly professional help on my case, which was dismissed at trial due to lack of evidence from the Crown."

I drove from my house to escape a violent domestic incident. As a civil servant, a guilty plea or judgement would have been difficult for me professionally, whatever the circumstances or reasons. Neil offered me superb advice about my options. I pleaded not guilty, and Olliers got the best expertise in to challenge my blood test result."

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(Drink Driving, Blood Case)
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