DR10, DD30 TT99 conviction codes & Car Insurance

Unfortunately we are only able to assist you if you have been charged with driving without insurance and are yet to go to court or be sentenced for this offence. We are in no way able to help you deal with your insurance company in respect of your premiums and the purpose of this article is to help you understand how convictions can impact your insurance in the long run.

If you are due to get a TT99 due to the result of any other offence (e.g speeding) then please contact us.

Discovering that you have committed a motoring offence can, for many, be  an extremely troubling time. We often represent motorists whose livelihood is entirely dependent upon their ability to drive and whilst there are no doubt some drivers who are not fazed by a few penalty points, for others, they can be genuine cause for concern.

When we speak to potential clients, we tend to focus on the immediate problem/solution; i.e. the type of offence, the penalty it would attract and the possible solutions we can provide. What is often neglected however are the long-term consequences of convictions that can often be just as inconvenient as the penalty imposed by the court.

Each conviction a person faces carries a corresponding conviction code. Speeding in a 30 mph zone for example will mean you pick up an SP30. A CU80 means that you couldn’t resist using your mobile telephone whilst driving and if you’ve driven without insurance you will find yourself with an IN10.

However, what exactly are these codes for and how do they effect you in the future? The most common use for conviction codes in day-to-day life is for insurance companies to help provide you with a quote for car insurance and this is where the real problem for those who do not defend their cases starts.

TT99, DR10, DD30…… WHAT?

Insurance companies tend to ask you for previous convictions in the last 4 years and each blip in your record will nudge your premium up. The helpful customer service agent will enter the conviction code for each offence into their system, which will then (not so helpfully) increase the amount you have to pay accordingly. Some codes have a minimal effect on premiums such as an SP30 as however there are some that will increase your insurance premium by such an extent as to make your eyes water.

For the purposes of this article I am going to give an example of one of the most common problem-codes which is TT99.

The speedsters who are reading this may already be familiar with how damaging these 4 little characters can be if they end up on your licence. If you have committed speeding offences in the past but still do not know what this code is, then this article will probably be of most use/interest/shock to you.

TT99 Conviction Code is the code that is used when someone is disqualified from driving as a “totter” and that is, when someone accumulates 12 points or more in any 3-year period. A motorist can have 3 speeding offences on their licence and most insurance companies these days will pay them little regard. The moment an offence pushes you up to 12 points however is when things get a little more serious.

As a little experiment, I have used Confused.Com to provide some examples of how devastating this can be and for the purposes of this experiment, I have decided to use the details of one the cars I drove in my youth, which was a 3-door Fiesta Zetec, 1.4, from 2005. I have specifically chosen this as it is not a top of the range vehicle and has 10 years mileage on the clock. I have opted for £250 voluntary excess and stated that I have 5 years of no claims! I have further said that the car is kept in a secure garage overnight and in a secure car park during the day.

I did my search initially for this vehicle and received the following results:

Swinton Insurance £377.21
Direct Choice £416.52
Endlseigh £469.00
AA £547.88
RAC £6226.87
Admiral £702.78
Elephant Car Insurance £732.46

For my second search, I kept all the details the same except I put in the TT99 code and scanned the list of results for ANY of the companies above so I could compare. Shockingly….not one single company listed above came up in the second search I did with the conviction code. That is not to say these companies won’t insure you if you are already with them and are renewing the policy, but my search was as a new customer and none of them seemingly wanted to know me with my TT99 code.

The results I did get however (and you may want to make sure you’re sat down) are as follows:

MyMotor Quote £1194.42
Insure All £1221.44
Insure Wiser £9558.05

I would like to point out at this stage for the avoidance of doubt that the quote from Insure Wiser is not a typo. To insure a 10 year old Fiesta they would charge you over NINE THOUSAND POUNDS for insurance.

Even the cheaper quote from “MyMotorQuote” is staggering when you consider that the conviction code remains relevant for 4 years.

Out of curiosity, I went directly to “Swinton Insurance’s” website to see if I could obtain a quote directly as opposed to through a comparison website. Interestingly, they actually ask for convictions from the past 5 years as opposed to 4 and the moment I ticked the box, a notice popped up saying this quote could not be dealt with online so I gave up.

What about Drink Driving Conviction Codes?
The code for drink driving is DR10 and some websites will ask you for the code, your breath reading, the length of ban, amount of fine and how long your inside leg measurement is before providing a quote.

Again, running the results through Confused.Com provided some staggering results that started at around £1200.00 p/a to over £9000 again from “Insure Wise” (the same seems ironic at this point).

How Can Professional Motoring Solicitors at Olliers Motoring Law Division Help?

As one of the leading motor defence firms in the country we have an outstanding success rate at securing the best possible results for clients whether it be successfully defending them at trial, or negotiating a penalty with the court to reduce its severity.

Our fees may be seen as expensive however we can assure you that amongst motor law specialists we are highly competitive and if we can secure you the best possible result, we really could be saving you thousands of pounds in future insurance costs.

If you have been charged with an offence and are unsure about representation then please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

This article was written by Expert Motoring Lawyer, Neil Sargeant.

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